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Shark Canvas Painting

Shark Canvas Painting

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When you focus on fear, everything gets distorted.

Try it for yourself. Stare at the word "Fear" and see the rings start to spin. Alright, now take a Dramamine and come back.

That type of optical illusion is called "illusory motion". The hypnotic design plays a trick on your mind. Basically, the human brain can't perceive contrasting colors at the same time, so it staggers the visual input. The result is an imagined motion as your peripheral focus switches back and forth from one color to the other.

The brain is a powerful thing. But it can still be tricked.

Fear is one of the biggest tricksters you will ever face. It can make your circumstances seem dire, make you doubt yourself, and even cause you to give up on your goals. It distorts reality to its absolute worst. It's a powerful hallucinogenic—don’t believe what you see.

When it seems like the world is spinning, remember that it is just an illusion. Nothing has actually changed. Stop focusing on the fear, and take a look at your surroundings. They aren't actually spinning. The movement is all in your head.

The good news is, just like the mind can be tricked into negativity, you can train it to work for you in a more positive way. Start focusing on your strengths and accomplishments. Every time a fearful thought comes along to poison your mind with all that could go wrong, drown it out by reminding yourself of all that you have achieved to get to where you are.

Fear can shatter confidence if you let it, but confidence prevents fear from ever taking hold in the first place. Start each day in the right mindset.

"Fear is Just an Illusion" original canvas wall artwork from IKONICK shows you firsthand the distorting effect of fear. Take its message to heart. Whenever fear creeps up in your life, remember how toxic it is to your vision. Don't get drawn in by it. Focus on your surroundings and change your perspective. You'll see: Nothing has actually changed.


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